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Provision for All

We trust everyone is keeping safe at this difficult time. We trust you’re all able to get the necessities of life.

When joining the queue to enter the supermarket this past week, it brought to mind the necessity of food for our bodies… at the moment some of the shelves are empty and there are limited supplies.

The Lord Jesus, when He was here on Earth, said ‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger’ - John 6v36 (spiritually speaking). The Lord Jesus still offers the invitation today. As vital as bread is for the body, we also need the Lord Jesus; not just for now but for eternity. He loved us and came from Heaven to die on a cross (taking the penalty of sins – not His own) so that we might have a relationship with God and the forgiveness of sins. Today you don’t need to queue… the availability is there so you can have the Lord Jesus to be your own personal Saviour through faith.

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