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All Guilty

There has recently been some controversy as to whether some lockdown rules have been broken, even by influential people in society. It’s commendable for those who have abided by the rules, allowing the NHS to cope.

In the Bible we read of God giving His chosen people, what we commonly refer to as the 10 Commandments. Some people would like to think that they have kept the commandments, but the Bible makes it clear that we have all sinned. In the New Testament we read that we have broken all of God’s laws, even if we just commit one offence.

But the good news is that though we have sinned (done wrong), God has made a way so that we can be forgiven… Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the only perfect person who has ever lived, died upon a cross to pay the punishment for sin. On the third day, God raised His son from the dead. Today, Jesus Christ will save each and every one who accepts their guilt, turns from their sin and trusts Him, and the work which He did upon the cross, paying the price for their sin.

Sinner, how your heart is troubled!

God is coming very near;

Do not hide your deep emotion,

Do not check that falling tear.

Are you waiting till tomorrow?

You may never see its light;

Come at once! accept His mercy:

He is waiting – come tonight!

With a lowly, contrite spirit,

Kneeling at the Saviour’s feet,

You can know, this very moment,

Pardon, precious, sure, and sweet!

Let the angels bear the tidings

Upward to the courts of Heaven;

Let them sing with holy rapture,

O’er another soul forgiven.

O be saved, His grace is free!

O be saved, He died for thee!

O be saved, He died for thee!


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