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100 year old Captain Tom said, “Tomorrow will be a good day”

A train on route for the D day landings from March to Ipswich on the 2nd of June 1944, hauling 51 wagons with 440 tons of high explosive bombs on board, trundled through the night. The lead wagon caught fire as it entered Soham station. The brave crew unhitched the blazing wagon from the rest and drove the train with the wagon on fire, away from the station. The bombs exploded killing the driver and fireman. Had the whole train exploded, the devastation of Soham would have been immense. Sadly they never saw their tomorrow.

There will come a day when none of us will see our tomorrow. In these times of uncertainty and fear we can put our trust in the Christ who said, “Today you will be with me in paradise”. He said this to a dying criminal because the man acknowledged his own sinful nature and the Lordship of Jesus as the only one who could save. The Bible says, “Today is the day of salvation”. None of us know if we will see tomorrow.


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